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Tracy Milner and Heather Condello of BrainFx receive the W. Daniel Mothersill BUILD Award.

In 2012 ventureLAB created the W. Daniel Mothersill BUILD Award to be
given each year in June to an exceptional candidate from the ventureLAB
BUILD Program who has best exhibited the qualities that Dan embodied in all
of his teachings.   Leadership, perseverance, PASSION, professionalism and
constant attention to the task at hand are at the very heart of what the ventureLAB
BUILD Program is all about.
As co-founder of the BUILD program, Dan led the way to create the 5 pillars
of BUILD,  Begin, edUcate, Invest,  Launch and expanD  and many ventureLAB
clients were fortunate enough to have experienced his touch in one of
his boot camps.  Through his exceptional leadership style he taught many
startup entrepreneurs who came through the doors of ventureLAB how to
pitch to investors, develop a strong value proposition and put together the
type of presentations that were sure to get you noticed above and ahead of
the crowd.  Just as Dan himself was noticed, not just for his amazing shirts,
suspenders and socks but for his pithy, intelligent, and pertinent comments.
To commemorate both Dan’s qualities and his perception of what entrepreneurs
need to succeed, the initials in this BUILD award also signify:
B ig-heartedness
U nderstanding
I ntegrity and intelligence
L eadership
Doggedness and daring
In this way, the ethos and spirit that Dan embodied as a successful entrepreneur,
investor, and teacher lives on each year in his name as the award is bestowed
upon one deserving recipient.

Daniel Mothersill award


BrainFx logoBrainFx is proud to be showcased at the MedEdge Summit

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 BrainFx featured on the cover of The Voice magazine

The Markham Board of Trade has chosen to have BrainFx as the cover of the spring edition of The Voice magazine!

We are excited and honored for this opportunity!

The .pdf version of the article can be found here, while other MBT publications can be found on their site.