Our Story

BrainFx was founded by Tracy Milner and Heather Condello. Tracy and Heather are both Occupational Therapists who have practiced extensively in the area of neurorehabilitation with adults and children and led multi-disciplinary healthcare organizations for the past eighteen years.

Traditional Assessments Not Translating to Function

In their practice, it became apparent to Heather and Tracy that the results of traditional standardized assessment tools were not consistent with their functional observations of people with mild to moderate dysfunction. More complex functional cognitive skills were missed and cognition was often measured in isolation, missing the critical impact that physical and psychosocial challenges can have on functional cognition. In order to assess people with mild to moderate dysfunction they found they were needing to pull together an eclectic battery of tools but still saw a gap. 

Need for Assessment Sensitive to Milder Dysfunction

They recognized the significant need for a comprehensive assessment tool for people with brain disorders, sensitive to mild dysfunction and applicable to real life activities. Assessments on the market were missing early signs of dementia and milder signs of concussion. Their frustration in practice inspired BrainFx. Passionate about using neurofunctional assessment and intervention, they view BrainFx as the opportunity to combine technology, clinical knowledge and research to deliver unique insights to health care teams and make a difference globally in health outcomes. positively impact children and adults globally.

Our Mission & Vision

United by a single passion – to make the invisible effects of brain disorders visible – we are a collaborative, dedicated and multi-disciplinary team committed to improving the lives of people everywhere by shedding a light on brain health and paths to rehabilitation.


We’re on a mission to make the invisible effects of brain disorders VISIBLE.

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone has a full picture of their own neurofunctional brain health profile and understands how it changes over their lifetime.


From our mission to the way we work with our clinical network, our values guide everything we do.



Deliver gold standard assessments for neurofunction so that brain health can be easily integrated into any practice.


Illuminate the path to brain health treatment by delivering clinically useful & unique insights through intelligent analysis and comparative norms.


Empower people to live life to their full potential through clinical research & innovation that benefits from our Living Brain Bank™, a database of de-identified results from previous assessments.


Enable healthcare institutions to deliver the best care possible for their patients to improve quality of life across the youth, elderly, and those suffering from brain dysfunction resulting from concussions, Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia etc.

Our Founders

Tracy Milner

Tracy Milner

Co-Founder, CEO and OT

Inspired by her own frustration on the front lines, Tracy is passionate about unlocking how the brain functions to improve everyday life. By colliding clinical care with AI and technology, she envisions a world where monitoring your brain health is as common as your annual physical. Where clinicians don’t need to tell another patient with early or milder cognitive dysfunction to ‘come back when it is worse’ because they are empowered to act instead. When not striving to make a global impact on healthcare, ask to see photos of Tracy’s twice-a-year birthday cakes or pumpkin carvings.
Heather Condello

Heather Condello

Co-Founder, COO and OT

Fascinated within her clinical practice to always learn more about the functional presentation of brain disorders and passionate to educate anyone who will listen on the significant impact mild brain disorders can have in one’s daily life, Heather is driven to promote BrainFx’s mission to the world. Heather envisions a healthcare system where monitoring brain health and understanding functional implications of brain impairment are as commonplace as tracking physical health. When not working, Heather enjoys travelling to warm destinations, keeping active, and has a newfound determination to work through her bucket list.

Our latest research

Working with the Mayo Clinic to understand Long-COVID

This study focuses on understanding the neurological impact of Long-COVID by developing a solution that assists clinicians and researches to better understand and address the impacts of this new and emerging phenomena.

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Let's make the INVISIBLE effects of brain disorders VISIBLE, together.

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Important Information: BrainFx Assessments only provide information about neurofunctional performance. Assessment results detail the patient/client's performance on assessment activities completed and only assist the health care team in identifying potential areas of strength or challenge as related to function. Assessments DO NOT provide any diagnosis or treatment recommendations. BrainFx Assessments are only permitted to be delivered by trained clinicians. Assessment reports are not stand-alone and require the interpretation of a health professional within their scope of practice and in the context of all information that they have gathered about their patient/client. In Canada, BrainFx Assessments are cleared by Health Canada as a Class 1 Software as a Medical Device. BrainFx Assessments and the statements made on this website have not been evaluated by any other regulatory bodies. Assessments are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information provided by BrainFx is not a substitute for face-to-face consultation with your health care professional and should not be construed as individual medical advice.