BrainFx Demo

You are hosting a party tonight. You need to remember to pick up the following items before going home:

Now place your tablet on a flat, stable surface.

In this activity, you will be sliding candies into a jar as quickly as you can. To perform a sliding gesture, place your finger on top of candy and, without lifting it from the screen, move your finger to the target area above the jar.

Release your finger from the screen to drop the candy into the jar.

Place your index finger on a candy
Place your right index finger on a candy
Now slide the candy above the jar
Release your finger to drop it in
In this activity, touch to select the shape on the right into which the word on the left will best fit. For example:
Which shape does the word fit into?

In the next activity, you will see players on a soccer field.

The players wear red and blue jerseys. After a few seconds, all players will turn grey. Touch to select the players that had on red jerseys. A green outline will show your selections.

Remember the location of the players in the RED jerseys.

What were those items you needed to pick up for the party tonight?
Touch the box to type in the item. Then press Enter.