Why get your brain health assessed?

If you are healthy, you can set a baseline for yourself, especially if you have a higher risk of a brain disorder or an injury, such as your medical hisotory, your job or from a sport.

Have you experienced a brain disorder? Brain disorders can include concussion/ brain injury, stroke, mental illness, neurodegenerative diseases such a dementia, or childhood diagnosis like learning disability, ADD/ADHD, or another childhood diagnosis that can impact your cognitive skills.

Or perhaps you are concerned about changes in your cognition that you have noticed.  If you're 10 years old and up, you can get your BrainFx assessment through one of our  trained partners and healthcare organizations.  

Research-based, Digital Cognitive Skill Assessments

BrainFx Assessments are more than your traditional cognitive test.  BrainFx measures neurofunction via tablet through interactive and engaging performance activities. Assessments help to measure and evaluate cognitive functional skills, including mood, social, behavioral, fine motor and balance effects, and quickly deliver performance results to your health care team that are real world applicable. 

The BrainFx SCREEN is a 15-minute, tablet-based assessment of seven cognitive skills.

The BrainFx 360 Assessment is a 90 to 120-minute assessment - it is the more comprehensive assessment designed to measure the functional impact of mild to moderate brain injury or disorder. BrainFx Assessments are available through our trained partners and healthcare organizations.

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The BrainFx Assessment Platform


A 10 - 15 minute assessment administered by a trained clinician via tablet to set a baseline or to determine whethere a further assessment is needed.

Can be used as part of a comprehensive initial assessment or in primary care, home care, and or other acute care settings.

Also for populations that may be at risk such as in sports, work, or aging populations. 

BrainFx 360 

A 90 - 120 minute comprehensive assessment that measures performance across the cognitive, physical and psychosocial areas of neurofunction through engaging and interactive activities delivered via tablet by a trained clinician. A self-report with up to 3 companion reports are optional but encouraged to assist in understanding more about neurofunction. 

Can be used for triage/ case management and to bring more information quickly to clinicians who need to develop specific and targeted treatment plans. 

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