The Neurofunctional Approach

Most cognitive tests measure cognition in a silo. BrainFx goes beyond cognition with our innovative Neurofunctional Approach and uses real-world, function-based activities to be more sensitive, more ecologically valid, and more clinically useful than traditional cognitive testing.

What is Neurofunction?


Neurofunction is a comprehensive understanding of a person’s functional status as related to his/her neurological condition; whether healthy or dysfunctional. Neurofunction includes a person’s abilities (physical, cognitive, psychosocial), activity participation, as well as quality of life. 
Model of Neurofunction

Understanding cognition within Neurofunction


Looking closer at the cognitive domain, cognitive function can be understood as beginning with brain structure, then cognitive functional skills and finally the functional context. Cognitive assessments focus on the skills that connect structure to function; however, what tends to be missed is a comprehensive model that helps to make practical sense of these cognitive skills. So we created it.
Cognitive domain

Model of Cognitive Skills


In this model, cognitive functional skills are broken into 3 areas: foundational, intermediate and complex. The hierarchy represents the need for lower-order skills to be intact for higher-order skills to be able to function. The skills at the top of the model (comprehension, communication, etc.) are separate from cognitive skills, but influential factors in performance. Traditional cognitive assessments tend to focus on foundational and intermediate cognitive skills. BrainFx uses the entire model, with a particular focus on complex.
Model of Cognitive Skills

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Working with the Mayo Clinic to understand Long-COVID

This study focuses on understanding the neurological impact of Long-COVID by developing a solution that assists clinicians and researches to better understand and address the impacts of this new and emerging phenomena.

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