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Detect What Other Cognitive Tests Can Miss

Deliver world-class comprehensive, personalized, and sensitive cognitive care with digital neurofunctional assessments that can be administered anywhere — in clinic or remotely.

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Everything you need from testing to treatment

Streamline and simplify the assessment and treatment process with BrainFx. Get all the critical tools needed for a successful practice, including a suite of world-class digital cognitive assessments, automated reporting, unique clinical intelligence, treatment recommendations, and more. Reduce time spent assessing and reporting, improve engagement and drive better outcomes.



Automated Scoring & Reporting

Advanced, Customizable Analytics

Treatment Planning


Secure, Private, and Compliant

Trusted by 1000s of providers

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Transform your Workflow

Improve your assessment program with standardization, objectivity, automation, and flexibility from the world’s most functional, comprehensive, and sensitive digital cognitive assessment tools. 

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Simplify Clinical Complexity

Identify deficits, strengths, potentially confounding factors, and root causes across 30 cognitive skills plus sensory, psychosocial, physical, and more – and get clear insights about functional implications.

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Improve Treatment Precision

Treatment planning has never been easier with comprehensive and specific clinician-tested treatment recommendations, analysis guides, reporting templates, and more.

Get more out of your assessments

Detect What Other Tests Can Miss

Detect the 50% of mild to moderate cognitive dysfunction that can often get missed by traditional methods

Improve Clinical Efficiency

Cut time spent assessment and reporting by up to 80% compared to traditional clinical assessment workflows in rehabilitation.

Save 10+ hours

Save hours with immediate, automated scoring and reporting, and spend more time on care planning.

“I love working with this assessment tool. It provides a great starting point for treatment and discussion around strategies to improve neurofunction.”

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Making the Right Decisions at the Right Time Doesn’t Have to be Hard

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